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Contains: 170 g

 5,59 / 100 g

In each of these nine beautiful cupcakes you will find a deliciously delicate cream filling that forms a perfect combination with the delicious topping. Fashionable cupcakes that combine a true explosion of taste on your palate.

Ingredients: sugar 37.98%, cocoabutter 11.88%, vegetable fats 11.63%(sunflower 4.04%,palm 3.92%,rapeseed3.67%), wholeMILKpowder 9.26%,glucosesyrup 5.38%,skimmedMILKpowder 4.54%,invertsugar 3.36%,LACTOSE 2.89%,cocoamass 2.75%,ALMOND 2.64%,water 2.10%,butterconcentrate(MILK) 0.99%,condensedMILK 0.91%,cream(MILK) 0.73%,stabiliser 0.70%(E422 0.70%),emulsifiers 0.57 (SOYAlecithin 0.57%,E471 0.00%),invertsugarsyrup 0.32%,vegetableoils 0.30%(coconut 0.25%,palmkernel 0.01%,palm 0.01%,sunflower 0.01%),strawberry 0.25%,EthylAlcohol 96%Vol. 0.23%,naturalvanillaflavouring 0.15%,WHEATstarch(GLUTEN) 0.10%,naturalflavouring 0.06%,salt 0.05%,glucose 0.04%,colours 0.04%(E100 0.04%,E120 0.00%,E160a 0.00%,E171 0.00%),concentrates 0.03%(carrot 0.02%, blackcarrot 0.02%),roastedcoffeebean 0.03%,acidityregulator 0.02%(E330 0.02%),strawberryjuiceconcentrate 0.02%,SOYflour 0.02%,natural strawberry flavouring withothernatural flavourings(contain alcohol) 0.02%,flavouring 0.00%,glazing agents 0.00%(E90 40.00%,E901 0.00%),maizestarch 0.00%, anhydrousMILKfat 0.00%, beetroot syrup 0.00%.

This product may contain eggs, gluten, peanuts and nuts

Nutritional values per 100g:
Energy: 2196 KJ / 529 Kcal
Fat: 35,8 g
of which saturated: 5,9 g
carbohydrates: 33,2 g
of which sugars: 4,5 g
dietary fibre: 5 g
protein: 20,9 g
salt: 1,1 g

Responsible Food Company:
DARIO’S GmbH, Mörikestrasse 2, D-73230 Kirchheim Teck, Germany


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