DARIO’S V-Neck Sweater Buxtehude 100% Sea Island Cotton in Darkblue

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Delivery time: 10-21 working days. Made in Germany. Knitwear for luxurious everyday use. Give your outfit a touch of elegance and let your skin feel the perfection of the finest fabrics in the world. This beautiful V-neck sweater in slim fit will make your silhouette always look sporty and slim.

These precious fibres are cultivated exclusively on the British West Indies islands in the Caribbean where the climatic conditions are ideal for their growth. The seed of Sea Island cotton, Gossypium Barbadense or better known as ‘black seed’, is a strain that is clearly different from all other types of cotton. It produces the longest fibres in the world with pile lengths of more than 50 mm. That is 20% longer than the fibres of other types of fine cotton. West Indian Sea Island cotton is picked by hand and processed using a gentle traditional method which today, in our industrial society, is no longer mastered by many people. This is the only way in which the length of the fibres can be combined with their fine, homogenous structure. In accordance with our philosophy we select the cotton manually, in the traditional way, in order to be able to guarantee top quality. These efforts result in a unique blend of fibres with outstanding strength, a silken sheen and an unbelievable feel that cannot be found elsewhere.
The production of Sea Island cotton as a proportion of total worldwide cotton production is no more that 0.0004 percent. Like almost any rare commodity, Sea Island cotton strangely multiplies

These are the great advantages of our West Indian Sea Island Cotton:

• natural silken sheen
• as soft as cashmere
• as long-lasting as wool
• extraordinarily hard-wearing
• perfect yarn structure
• low felting tendency
• clear weave pattern
• positive contribution to the ecological balance

Technical specifications:

Composition: 100% West Indian Sea Island Cotton

Machine washable at 30°. Do not put in the dryer.

Model wears size M.

Made in Germany for DARIO'S GmbH, Mörikestraße 2, 73230 Kirchheim unter Teck, Germany


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Slow-Fashion from a German Master‘s Hand: DARIO’S Starts with its First Clothes Collection “Made in Germany”

The Online Destination for luxury products presents the first clothing collection created in Germany, made of the world’s finest fabrics. Thus, with its specially designed dresses DARIO’S stands for a new typically German elegance. This collection does not only aim at supplanting the time-honoured and deep-rooted image of the Lederhosen wearing Germans; it aims at no less than raising the “stylish German” to an art form. In addition, the company wants to use this new generation of durable clothing to challenge the one-way mentality of the fashion industry and at the same time give a new impetus to the German and European cultural tradition of manufacture.
Committing itself, above all, to the slogan “Redefine your tradition for future generations”, this collection intends to influence the ecological awareness of consumers as well as the sense of style of a whole generation in terms of sustainability and longevity. It, in a manner, aims at rivalling the image of the elegant gentleman wearing a tailcoat and cylinder, which symbolized the man of fashion for a whole generation in the “good old days”.
But DARIO’S has yet other far-reaching goals. The company aims, for example, at the preservation of the last sites of domestic German textile industry in order to counteract the threatening demise of the German cultural tradition of craftsmanship.
DARIO’S envisages not only staying true to its commitment to sustainability and traditional craftsmanship, it also intends to gain renewed respectability for the quality label “Made in Germany”. Nevertheless, the collection is also going to draw on the achievements of European craftsmanship and international luxury fabrics.
Accordingly, this gentlemen’s collection includes ties made of the finest twill silk, shirts made of 330 full-cotton twill and sweaters made of recycled Sea Island Cotton as well as jackets made of Italian cashmere and Vicuña sweaters. It is designed for the elegant gentleman, who wants to avoid the stress of shopping in fashion houses and, nevertheless, wants to see his fine wardrobe exquisitely stocked for the next decade. In order to ensure the longevity of its products, DARIO’S customers can use repair services specifically for this in-house apparel collection.

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