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The sonoroHIFI is a true high-performance audio system that will revolutionise your understanding of sound. It is easy to use and innovative in design. Fine materials, cutting-edge technologies and efficient, powerful speakers come together in a perfect symbiosis of aesthetics, performance and sound, specially designed for audiophiles who will not settle for less than the best. Simply connect sonoroHIFI to your socket, press play and enjoy an unbeatable sound experience.

Marcell Faller created sonoro audio GmbH in 2006 with a great deal of courage and business acumen. Even then, he knew how to capture the interest of the international market when he introduced the first sonoro product, the Cubo. Since then, the brand sonoro has been appreciated by music lovers the world over who love the high-end audio systems with their exceptional sound and excitingly different design.
Exuding both creativity and an exceptional sensitivity for the most demanding of wishes, the brand combines innovative trends with elegant colour and material combinations. In this way sonoro creates unique lifestyle products with a truly impressive sound.

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