Wüsthof Epicure Knives

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These new EPICURE kitchen knives, manufactured by Wüsthof in Solingen, have handles made of natural fiber material, which makes them particularly hygienic and environmentally friendly. The newly developed crop geometry, which provides more safety during cutting and the wider blades, focus the weight on the center of the knife – for an exceptional balance, guaranteeing agile and fatigue-free work.


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WÜSTHOF Dreizackwerk is a family-owned company founded in 1814 and is now led by the seventh generation. In Solingen, Germany, our employees use the most modern production methods to manufacture cooking knives of the highest quality. Personal know-how and the most advanced technology exist together in a successful symbiosis.

The quality of our products is based on a combined philosophy of preserving tradition, promoting innovation, and always striving to improve the product. For us, this includes extensive investment in our employees and in our technologies as well as the constant scrutiny of our own standards, the use of the finest materials, and a clear commitment to our established production location. MADE IN GERMANY / Solingen is both a seal of approval and an obligation for us. Sharpness, performance, service – professionals, hobby chefs, and homemakers trust the special quality of our knives. And we are proud to pass on our passion for knives to the people for whom we develop them.

The newly designed bolster and its innovative geometry ensure that the weight of every one of our EPICURE models is evenly distributed around the center of the knife. The knife moves neutrally around this focal point for agile and effortless work.

A special feature of the EPICURE series is the material used for the grip, made of natural fibers and resin. It offers the pleasing feel of wood and is as sturdy and hygienic as synthetic alternatives. As a result, it is firmly rooted in the EPICURE tradition. It unites the best of different worlds and at the same time sends a strong environmental signal with its emission-free production.

The backbone and soul of the EPICURE knife is the single unit consisting of blade, bolster, and shank – made of one piece of high-alloy X50CrMoV15. The excellent qualities of the steel make a significant contribution to the sharpness and long service life which then receive a new dimension from the forging and subsequent hardening process. Proudly 58°HRC. EPICURE knives feature a hardness that guarantees both the highest degree of initial sharpness and long cutting ability as well as flexibility and easy resharpening.

We have developed the PEtec sharpening process to give every blade the greatest possible initial sharpness. As a result, the blades are measured piece by piece with a laser before grinding. This step ensures that even the slightest tolerances in the form and thickness of the blank are taken into consideration for sharpening. Every single blade is given the ideal sharpening angle of 15° and can therefore meet the exacting WÜSTHOF standard.

“The universal guiding principle combines the agility of Japanese design with the German characteristics of robustness and safety.” Bjoern Berger, Product Designer

“Our EPICURE knives are a pleasure to hold. The material feels warm and natural – and the new handle shape enables a safe and comfortable grip. These days, I can’t wait to start cooking dinner!” Viola Wüsthof, Management

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Aufschnittmesser 14 cm / Slicer 14 cm, Brotmesser 23 cm / Breadknife 23 cm, Gemüsemesser 12 cm / Vegetable Knife 12 cm, Gemüsemesser 9 cm / Vegetable Knife 9 cm, Koch- (20 cm) & Gemüsemesser (9 cm) / Chef's- (20 cm) & veggie knife (9 cm), Kochmesser 16 cm / Chef's Knife 16 cm, Kochmesser 20 cm / Chef's Knife 20 cm, Kochmesser 24 cm / Chef's Knife 24 cm, Santoku 17 cm, Schinkenmesser 23 cm / Ham slicer 23 cm, Steakmesser 12 cm / Steak knife 12 cm, Steakmessersatz 12 cm / Steak knife Set 12 cm

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