Zeitwerk Spektrum Artwork, Limited Edition

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ZEITWERK combines nine original pieces of world history into a faszinating work of art. The handmade collection is available as a limited edition of 300 copies and includes a certificate of authenticity.

The nine historical artifacts in ZEITWERK „Spektrum“ impress with their great variety and are a journey through space and time:
– TITANIC, coal recovered from the wrackage
– SPACE SHUTTLE, material of the Discovery
– SOCCER WORLD CUP 2014, German jersey from the semi-final
– THE BEATLES, brick from the Cavern Club
– WRAPPING OF THE REICHSTAG, wrapping fabric
– CHINESE CASH COIN, ca. 1,000 years old
– JAMES BOND, movie prop from the opening sequence
– AMMONITE, 100 million year old fossile

Discover the amazing stories behind the pieces with the premium booklet and share the fascination. The booklet is written in German language.

Size: 32 x 42 cm

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ZEITWERK – your piece of history
Nine original pieces of world history in a fascinating work of art – this is ZEITWERK. The unique worldwide concept is the perfect combination of art and history. The puristic design stands in contrast to the overwhelming variety of stories behind each piece. A ZEITWERK opens the door to an exciting journey of discovery through world history.

ZEITWERK – The fascination
The fascination that comes from each original piece has inspired the founders Steffi and Michael Backes right from the beginning. The first commonly shared piece is a piece of stone from the school where they first met in 1999 (and of course they took it quite legally). Over the years more and more contemporary pieces were collected. For example, a 400-kilogram stone piece from the Cologne Cathedral that was in their garden for several years.

ZEITWERK – Sharing the passion
A piece of the Titanic gave the decisive impulse. Michael wanted to prepare this fragment as a gift and realized that it is divisible without losing its fascination. Soon, the design with the nine individual spaces was created and a very first ZEITWERK with a variety of exhibits from their private collection was created. This prototype was displayed in the living room and was the occasion for many exciting discussions. The enthusiasm was so great and the inquiries piled up so that Steffi decided to stop her job as a manager in a big company in order to dedicate herself to ZEITWERK.

ZEITWERK – The originals
For ZEITWERK, Michael and Steffi set out in search of new pieces to exhibit. The research is always very time consuming, because each piece requires a different approach and must be greatly elaborated with a lot of details. With a great deal of diligence and perseverance, a high frustration tolerance and a little bit of luck they have gathered for ZEITWERK an extraordinary collection. They were able to meet many great people and discover new stories.

“We research with the utmost care for ZEITWERK as we only want pieces that we clearly classify as authentic and that have been taken legally. In a three-stage process, we document both the origin and the entire processing process. There is a certificate of authenticity for every ZEITWERK.”

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